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Our Menu

    • Breakfast

    • Benito’s Burrito

      Breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, chorizo, potatoes, shredded cheese, and topped with green salsa and bacon, served with black beans. Add Queso blanco for $1.00

    • Breakfast Torta

      Mexican baguette telera, spread with refried beans, topped with an egg, cheese,and chorizo, served with potatoes.

    • Breakfast Burrito

      Big burrito stuffed with eggs, cheese, potatoes and choice of chorizo, bacon, sausage, or ham.
      Veggies upon request.add Queso for $1.00 more.

    • Breakfast Enchiladas

      2 chorizo and egg , made in a flour tortillas enchiladas, topped with Queso blanco, pico de Gallo and slice avocado, and served with papas and black beans.

    • Breakfast Gorditas

      Two Handcrafted thick corn tortilla, stuffed with chorizo, eggs, beans and cheese.

    • El Policia

      Stillwater PD's favorite dish, chorizo and grilled chicken, topped with queso, crown with a fried egg, served with rice, refried beans and tortillas.

    • Huevos Con Chorizo

      Mixture of scramble eggs with chorizo, served with potatoes, refried beans and tortillas.

    • Huevos Rancheros

      Two eggs on top of fried corn tortilla, topped with ranchero sauce, and served with refried beans and potatoes.

    • Machaca Norteña

      House made Barbacoa, mix with scramble eggs, pico de Gallo, and served with black beans topped with Queso fresco, and tortillas.

    • Migas

      Scramble eggs mix with corn tortillas chips, pico de Gallo, served with potatoes and refried beans.

    • Monas Breakfast Skillet

      Delicious combination of scramble eggs, chorizo, potatoes, topped with black beans, Queso blanco, shredded cheese, and red onions, served with tortillas.

    • Monas pancakes

      House style pancake platter with 2 pancakes, scramble eggs mix with your choice of meat, chorizo, bacon, sausage or ham, and served with potatoes.

    • Pancakes order

      Two fluffy style buttermilk pancakes.

      Tres Leches or Chocolate chip $6.99

    • Fantastic and Authentic

      Azada steak, azada chicken, al pastor, carnitas, barbacoa, chorizo or veggies.

    • Alex Comal

      Delicious skillet of Alpastor meat, with our cilantro-lime white rice, black beans, topped with white Queso, shredded cheese, and tortillas of your choice.

    • Burritos

      Stuffed with choice of meat, beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and choice of a side.

    • Carne Cowboy

      Steak bites covered with white Queso, and served with rice, beans and tortillas.

    • Chilaquiles Mexicanos Skillet

      A very authentic Mexican dish,made with corn tortilla chips,smothered in a homemade red sauce, topped with steak bites,Queso fresco, red onion,cilantro,sour cream,guacamole and crown with a fried egg.and a side of refried beans.

    • Chile Colorado

      Mexican style beef stew, mix of beef tips, potatoes, special homemade red sauce, served with rice,beans and tortillas.

    • Chile Relleno Diner

      Poblano pepper, stuffed with melted cheese, shredded chicken or ground beef, covered in an egg white batter, simply corn masa  flour and fried, covered with a special tomato sauce. Served with rice and beans. Sour cream or pico upon request.

    • Chile verde

      Pork tips mix with potatoes smothered in green tomatillo salsa, served with rice, beans and tortillas.

    • Comal de Pollo

      Grilled chicken skillet, with bell pepper, onions, rice, topped with Queso blanco, and tortillas

    • Enchiladas Blancas

      three ground beef enchiladas, covered in white queso, served with rice, beans, and salad.(try it with chicken).

    • Enchiladas Rojas Platter

      3 queso fresco red enchiladas, served with rice, beans and salad..

    • Enchiladas Verdes Platter

      3 chicken enchiladas topped with salsa verde and queso fresco. Served with salad, rice and black beans.

    • Flautas

      3 chicken or barbacoa fried rolled corn tortillas served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, queso fresco, and a choice of side.

    • Gorditas

      Hand crafted thick corn tortilla, stuffed with spread beans, meat of your choice, lettuce, tomatoes, and Queso fresco.

    • Pollo al Limón

      cilantro lime mojo marinated butterfly cut chicken breast, served with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, avocados, cilantro lime white rice, fried plantains and tortillas.

    • Pollo Asado

      flavorful marinated butterfly cut chicken breast, served with rice, charro beans, guacamole, and tortillas.

    • Quesadillas

      12" quesadilla stuffed with choice of meat and Oaxaca cheese. Served with sour cream, pico de gallo, and choice of a side.

    • Sizzling Fajitas

      Beef or chicken fajitas mixed with bell pepper and onions. Served with sour cream, pico, guacamole, tortillas and a choice of two sides. Veggie fajitas with a mix of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, califlower, tortillas and a choice of two sides.

    • Street Tacos

      All topped with cilantro grilled onions, lime and salsa on the side.

    • Street Tortas

      Toasted sandwich spread with refried beans, meat choice, lettuce, tomato, and avocado served with jalapenos and choice of a side.

    • Tortilla Soup

      A mexican classic with traditional flavors and textures of chiles, tomatoes, avocados, cheese, fresh corn, tortilla strips.

    • Appetizers

      Prepare your palate for fabulous Mexican cuisine. Serves 1 or 2 people.

    • Lg- Queso Con Chorizo

      or carne

    • Lg-Guacamole

      with chips

    • Lg-Queso Blanco

      with chips

    • Mona's Nachos

      Azada steak nachos topped with queso blanco, lettuce, tomato, fresh jalapenos, sour cream, and black beans.

    • Street Corn Nachos

      Tortilla chips topped with queso blanco, corn, queso fresco, cilantro sour cream, lime, red onion and chili powder.

    • Tostadas

      2 crispy corn tortillas spread with refried beans and topped with lettuce, tomato, cotija cheese, cour cream, jalapenos, and a choice of side.

    • Sides

    • Rice - Mexican Corn - Refried Beans - Mexican Potatoes - Black Beans - French Fries- cilantro lime white rice-fried plantains